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Moving to NYC: 2016 Timeline

Updated: Dec 17, 2017

It’s been a little bit over a year since I signed my name on the dotted line for my Brooklyn apartment. Initially I was like let me give you all the long story of how this whole NY thing came about and how we went from coach surfing to our precious Brooklyn apartment but no one reads anymore. SO I’m giving you all the bulleted review from before the move to NY to the move into our apartment, uh try to keep up. I’ll keep this post to 2016 events.

So let’s start with the before hand stuff how we ended up in New York City.

  • 2015 Chan wants to move to NY at the time I hated NY. So we decided let’s pick between NYC and Cali.

  • 2016 we decide let’s stay in Atlanta, stack our bread and then see what’s up in a year or two.

  • May 2016 Chan graduates college but has to stay in Mississippi for the summer.

  • I spend some time in NY that summer and realize that there’s more to NY than Time Square and I’ve always hated Time Square.

  • Started doing some NY rent research and sharing with Chan and my mom.

  • End of June mom says, just try it and if doesn’t work out you always have a home to come back to.

  • I tell Chan, we tell no one.

  • End of July, we realize we need to be IN NYC to apply for housing and jobs.- so let’s go


  • August I get sick - end up in the ER, I have gallstones and have my gallbladder removed and then 14 days bed rest.

  • So Chan and Shema basically move into my house with me while I was on bed rest. Me and Chan are applying to everything, Shema is helping (we say you need to come too girl)

  • We book one flights to NY for the 14th day after my surgery. And we’re off - we had no wear to live. Chan was closing in on a non-paid internship (with connections that would be beneficial!)

  • Oh and we’ve told like 5 people that we’re moving.

So it’s summer 2016 and we’re in NYC staying with Dani most days, hotels some nights, and my play aunt and uncle other nights. We’re applying to job after job and looking at so many apartments. The way my anxiety is set up, I can only last so long in other people’s spaces before I snap. I’m particular and only 3 people in the world get me. So we’ve got to get a place. Me and Chandler has different senses of urgency because our parents have different views - neither wrong but not didn’t initially line up with moving out ASAP.

  • So it’s summer. We just left I believe my first boozy brunch - see a cutie, cutie is now boyfriend, probably instantly, we count that day as our anniversary - so yeah

  • Chan is getting all the jobs - internship with Model Lounge and stylist for Free People

  • Meanwhile in No Text Zone - no jobs are getting back to me. However, a previous remote job reached out for some small part time work & I’ll take anything…well not anything. (And I am also doing Digital Marketing for a major platform at this point)

  • Also, it’s #FashionWeek at this point and me Chan are getting hella invites. We were changing in Ubers, had a suitcases with us and were booking hotels as we were leaving the events.


We’re finally at a place where both our parents are on the same vibe of us getting our own place so the search is tf on. We’re also trying to convince Shema to take become a travel nurse like she wants and take her first assignment in NYC. Chan is also has started a major interview process for a fancy big girl corporate job. $$$

  • At this point me and Chan had been looking at apartments for what felt like a month! We pick our #Top5 #Top5

  • My mom flies in to see our options. She hates all of them. Returns to Atlanta crying the whole time wondering wtf are we going to do.

  • Chan is killing the interviews and everything is really well seems promising.

  • Also start interviewing for a full time PR job with a jewelry company.

  • Shema is starting to consider the NY thing. AY - Then she comes AY AY but just to visit…for now.

  • My parents decide they will spend Thanksgiving 2016 in NYC & they’ll get an Airbnb - however they also believe it will be best for us to find a place by then so they can move us in

  • Chan gets the jobs and we take this as sign from GOD IT’S TIME TO GET A PLACE! (because you know you need proof and employment and need to make something like 40 times the rent, we’re still praying for me)

  • The guy my parents are renting the Airbnb from has a place for rent, we check it out and fall deeply in love, we viewed it alone and set int there, prayed and talked about how we would decorate. We sat on the floor for an hour.

  • BUT THEN GOD CAME BACK AGAIN with other plans and the guy misquoted my mom and the apartment was out of our budget.

  • Now we’re back on the damn hunt.

  • We find a place we love and set up an appointment to see it one day before Chan has work.

We’re not feeling like this is our last hope but we’re kinda feeling like this is our last hope. My parents will be here in two weeks and we’ve gotta make something shake.

  • It’s Nov 2016 and we go see this place and we fall in love, only problem is we’re looking at 3 bedrooms and Shema can’t commit to that. So Chan ask the relator do you have any similar properties? He said yes - right down the street and its cheaper but brand new.

  • We skip our happy asses down the street and we see our BK apartment. We called our parents and asked them to trust us. We put in the application that day - Oh and I got the PR job, so this place had to be ours. And so it was.

  • When my parents came down for Thanksgiving they were so happy with our choice and the location, it was a winner.

  • We had our first Thanksgiving in NY. My extended family from DC came too, it was a lot to be thankful for that year.

  • We move in November 28th all we’ve got our some blow up mattresses and the food my parent’s stocked us up with. Now the real work begins.

  • Oh and Shema got an assignment in NYC that starts January 2017.

Okay so it’s the end of 2016. We’re back in Atlanta for Christmas break and something is just off….

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