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Friendship Checklist

Updated: Dec 17, 2017

A common mistake I’ve noticed is equivocating time to the depth or validation of friendship. Time, in my opinion plays little to no factor in friendship. Here’s why because time does not equate to loyalty or natural chemistry or anything really. I say all this to say, stop holding on to shitty friends just because you have been friends for 18 years. 2018 is going to be a year of growth for you but it’s hard to grow when there are people trying to keep you down.

So let’s take a second to check ourselves and check in our friendships. What kind of friendships are we producing and what kind of friendships do we have in our lives. The company you keep says a lot about you, therefore, it is important to check your circle. How are you all making sure you each reach your fullest potential and that you all are living your happiest and healthiest lives.

Now, don’t get crazy - all these things are not dependent on your friends but they should be playing a positive role in these areas.

  1. We hold each other accountable _

  2. We are not “yes men” _

  3. We provide constructive criticism _

  4. We do not lie to one another _

  5. We keep each other secrets _

  6. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments _

  7. We cheer each other on during the race _

  8. We have a healthy relationship in which we are not codependent of one another _

  9. We respect one another _ (pay close attention to this one, people can show you in many ways that they don’t respect you)

  10. We affectively and openly communicate with one another _


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