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25 Sitting on 25 Lessons

Updated: Dec 17, 2017

So last week I turned 25 years old, feels weird to see that typed out but yup 25! If you really know me you know that 24 was hell of a year for me, in the best and worst ways. When you look back on most years, I guess anyone could say that but really this year was a turning point for me. This was the first year that I have genuinely seen a change in myself - real substantial growth.

Now I’m sitting here a week into 25, feeling real new, very glowed up and I’m writing the 25 things I learned at 24 that have made the 25 year old I am now. It’s really like a note to myself kind of thing. Take what you can, bypass the things you don’t need…enjoy.

  1. Being present is a major key in minimizing your anxiety. When you stopped worrying about the next moment, things that happened days before and just put your energy into where you currently are and what you could currently control I feel a lot less anxious.

  2. You look crazy when your phone is always in your hand - especially in social setting. I get it, we’re digital people and I’m so guilty of this but one day out with dinner with my girls and all our asses were just scrolling our TL’s. Unplugging is necessary.

  3. Self care has many definitions - don’t feel the need to confine your meaning of self care to anyone else.

  4. Nobody that has left your life that wasn’t suppose. Man when it comes to friendships - 2017 gave me the biggest wake up call. It’s okay to check your friends and CHECK YO’SELF. Know when it’s time to step away.

  5. Listen to your gut, follow your intuition. My gut had me feeling like a psychic this year.

  6. Be specific in your prayers.

  7. This is cliche and I started to see this at 23 but I fully understood it at 24 QUALITY OVER QUANTITY ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

  8. You have got to committee. This is self note - if you say you’re going do something then damn it, do it. Get coffee with that cool girl, have that event, launch that business. Do it, do it, do it.

  9. Keep things to yourself. I use to share everything with at least one person and it’s extremely unnecessary, it’s okay to keep things to yourself.

  10. If you’re extra AF, plan you birthday 4-6 months in advance.

  11. BOOK THE F****** TRIP. Don’t ask who can go, who can take off, when you see a cheap ass flight book it and then figure out the rest later.

  12. It’s okay to go to dinner alone.

  13. Hell, it’s okay to be alone. (Which I’ve actually always known and love but at 25 I just enjoy the moments of solitude even more)

  14. When time falls back and it’s dark af in NYC at 4:30 you cannot just shut down. Keep it pushing, turn on all the lights and get back to the grind

  15. Sticking to a budget will change your life (Uber and Seamless will fuck you over)

  16. Red wine is truth. Shoutout to my 24 year old self for growing up and maturing my palette.

  17. You can’t give your girlfriends specific relationship advice - only general things and stories from your own experiences & even then they won’t listen but it’s okay. Matters of the heart are personal and not understandable to the person who isn’t in “that love” (re-read it slow, it’s wordy)

  18. You will never regret not going to the bar on a Saturday night, you will however regret when you see the idea you had come to fruition as someone else’s business.

  19. You’ve been playing yourself for 24 years by never having real ramen. I’m glad we on it now though.

  20. Do random kind acts for your friends and family. If you see something for your best friend and it’s in your budget, just get it.

  21. Worrying never fixed a single thing. I’m still working on this but I think I understand this more and more each day and I know I’ll be worrying a lot less at 25.

  22. You simply cannot over extend yourself - not for other people not even for yourself.

  23. A whole year of hardly shopping didn't kill you, could of been rich (but Seamless and Uber - shaking my head)

  24. You are enough but you’re not doing enough. (This could be a post of it’s own- this one is very personal, you may be reading this and you’re doing more than enough so shout-out to you!)

  25. The world is crazy, the things we’re dealing with on a day to day can be discouraging, disheartening, and make you feel like “what’s the point” but you woke up, you took a breath, so keeping going. Even when your back is against the wall- you woke up so keep fighting, keep going.

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