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Conversations with Skylar Marshai

As cliche as it may sound, I honestly don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Skylar Marshai. I do not think I’ve ever met an individual quite like this young lady. Skylar is the talented designer behind Ralyks. Ralyks is a bold sophistication that delivers the prideful style of a fearless woman. This #GIRLBOSS is not only talented, she’s also one of the most genuine and kindhearted individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Skylar and I chatted about her latest project and what it takes to thrive in the fashion industry.

1. You’re about to launch a new lingerie line that is beyond sexy, where’d you find the inspiration?

Well first off, thank you! It took a while before I was able to manage the “sexy” that these pieces have finally managed to embody. This was my first time being able to work with lingerie. The inspiration initially came from the realization of how great I, as well as other women I know, feel in simple, but sexy lingerie. I really wanted to take that a step further by also giving it this tasteful feel, adding in the floral appliqués to better define the sophisticated sexy I was going for. The collection slowly worked itself out because then it morphed into the perfect pre-collection to our soon-to-be winter collection, allowing us to show off the color palette that would be used for Ralyks’ next look.

2. Being a young designer, what do you think one of your hardest challenges have been?

I think one of my hardest challenges has been maintaining consistency. Since the move to New York from Atlanta as well as beginning college, I’ve had to sacrifice collections in order to adapt into a new environment and curriculum. Also, since Ralyks has always produced hand-made clothes, releasing a collection back to back is too overwhelming for a one-woman show. I’ve had to learn what I can take and how much I can take.

3. Your work, style, and overall positive energy is inspiring young women all over, what advice would you give someone looking to get into a similar field?

Oh my gosh, there’s so so much! I am so big on being inspired by other young women as well as inspiring other young women so much, and I believe one thing I would definitely push is being nice. Whether that is in the fashion field or any other, sometimes it helps to be different from everyone else who seems to be fighting their way to the top. A genuine smile can go such a long way these days. I also love to preach determination. I feel as if it may seem too overly used but those who are great today didn’t make it there by taking pit stops along the way. You have to push yourself to your hardest point, and once you’ve reach that point remind yourself why you’re here, and keep going. Achieving your dreams won’t feel as worth it if they are handed to you.

4. So we know you love fashion and designing but outside of the work field what’s one of your favorite past times?

Ah, I love this question! Apart from designing and fashion, I love reading, exploring, and hanging out in coffee shops (coffee is my thing).

5. What’s your one must have item of the season?

The trench coat is overwhelmingly in this season, no matter the color. I am currently investing! Overall, statement jackets and coats will forever be my key go-to’s when it comes to winter because, lets face it, it’s too cold to not wear one anyway. So why not make it the best part of your outfit?

6. Now back to this lingerie! How do you want ladies go feel in your pieces?

I want them to feel a sense of elegance, sophistication, and confidence all wrapped up in sexy! I love when a girl who wears my pieces tell me how great it makes them feel. I created these ones to allow a layered sense to that. So rather than you feeling okay because your outfit is cute but your underwear underneath doesn’t match, you’ll feel like thebomb.com because everything underneath makes you feel as good as everything on top.

7. At this point I know all my readers want to know, where, when, and how can they get their hands on your line?

Now, now, now! Of course, all of our released collections are found on Ralyks.com, but upcoming releases and information can be found through our Instagram: @ralyksdesigns. Currently, we’re doing a lingerie giveaway, so check that out before it’s too late! And if you haven’t seen our recently dropped Intimates collection, check it out! I promise, it’s worth it! (:

And Skylar is right, you’ll love this collection. Check out a few of the pieces from Skylar’s new winter collection. #WhichWouldYouWear

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