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Which Brittney goes to Berlin.

When I first started writing this post, I was going to keep it very generic and talk about food and activities but I felt like I would be doing a disservice to you all if I wasn't transparent about this trip. I will not go into full details out of respect for everyone who isn't "Brittney" because this is my blog. haha. But I learned some lessons in Berlin that I think can be beneficial to you all.

When the opportunity to go to Berlin was presented I had a lot of anxiety and initially was really against going, something in the pit of my guts told me...do not go. But I prayed about it, prayed hard and asked God to reveal somethings on this trip and open my eyes and allow my life to either take one direction or another after the trip.

I am so happy I decided to go to Berlin regardless and I'm glad I was prayed up a head of time. Now I'll be real, I pray all the time, asking God to talk to me, give me a sign, tell me something anything and I often times in the moment feel like I can't hear His voice but I know it's not always so clear BUT CHILLLLEEE, God's voice was clear as a 75 degree day no clouds in the sky. He spoke to me and revealed so much to me about life, growth, friendship, love, and letting go.

I know I'm very vague you all are probably like, "girl what are you even saying" but I say all of this to say, you never know what situations will reveal life changing information to you. You also have to open to receive what you're praying for. You might have to loose things before you gain what meant for you. Be open to that, embrace that and more than anything just go, go where the wind takes you and except the lessons you learn along the way.

I probably would have never planned to go to Berlin on my own but I am so happy that this opportunity was presented to me because Berlin was an amazing city that captured my heart. If you know anything about German history, you know Berlin was completely rebuilt after the war, so this city has a very new and modern feel to it. For my New Yorkers, the city gave me total Williamsburg vibes.

The streets are filled will graffiti, the main form of transportation is cycling (which I became a huge fan of), and there's this young liberal feel that overtakes the atmosphere. I could have spent every day just bike riding through the city and I would have still thoroughly enjoyed myself. The city is just so fresh and young and has a liberal feel that makes you feel inspired...or maybe it was just me.

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