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Little Denim Dress

The day after I was ranting and raving about denim pieces I walked into H&M and found the perfect little denim overalls dress on sale for $15! I could’t be a hypocrite, so you know I had to cop it and I’m glad that I did.

I wore this the day I took over Style Doctors’ Snapchat account. We did a shopping day in Soho, so I knew I had to a create a look, one that was not forced, comfortable and hella stylish. Mission Accomplished!

Because of the color scheme of the outfit I did silver and navy accessories. I paired two chokers together- one homemade navy one and a silver one from Forever 21. I layered the chokers to make sure it displayed two distinctive pieces.

I wore a patch work crop top from Zara underneath the dress. The length of the top with the dress created a little side action which is always fun to me. Unfortunately it wasn’t side boob- it was just side…side… Side waist maybe, is that a thing?

As a self proclaimed proud member of Comfy Girls Ent., I had to rock a pair of New Balances with this fit. I actually just bought these sneakers the other day from Urban Outfitters after a bad decision to wear a brand new pair of flats to walk around NYC in.

You all will be seeing this dress a lot the ways to wear it are endless.

How would you rock this dress?


Denim Britt

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