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Which Denim?

It’s true, we’re rocking denim from January to January over here baby. Summer, spring, winter or fall, denim is always, always in. Sit back and denim day dream with me and let’s think bigger than jeans because the denim trends that are in right now are so much more than your average pair of mom jeans. Denim and furs, denim and heels, denim as jumpsuits, denim as chokers… you see where I’m going here? Denim is the fabric that keeps on giving.

If you’re thinking 90’s I know you’re thinking mini skirts, which is definitely an iconic look but let’s fast-forward to now to the quarter length denim button down skirt (which is still a style blast from past) that has become a must have piece. My mom use to have this skirt in the 80’s! Wish she would have kept it 😒. I’d keep this look very carefree and laid back. A graphic tee, cropped crewneck, or a silk top could all pair great with a skirt like this. On the feet, I’m definitely going the sneaker route. I added a bit of pizzazz by styling this with a neck scarf, seeing that this has become a trend that I’m so here for. Finding an alternate use of my head scarves (besides holding these edges down) will be the highlight of my fall.

If you start to look up all the styles that denim dresses come in you’ll waste an entire Saturday in bed window shopping online….so I hear. Seriously, the styles are endless, it’s really about the direction you want to go. As a proud member of Comfy Girls Ent. I always want to go the comfy route and this dress says HERE’S A LEWK, while also providing extreme comfort. I paired it with a simple black leather choker and a fun book bag (because there’s nothing more comfortable than not having to keep up with a shoulder purse or clutch). With the shoes I left it up to you all. Clearly you could go the funky sneaker route, or tighten it up a little bit with a flat, or of course you could go all out for a full on lewk with the incorporation of a heel.

The possibilities are endless with denim and the best part is you’re not running out of time to try these looks out, you can always adjust a denim look to the season. I’m denim fan girling over here.

If you’re looking for denim pieces I would suggest starting with your local thrift store. You’ll never know what you might find or what you may create!

share your denim looks with me using the hashtag #whichdenim #whichbrittney 💙

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