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Faux Fur Finds

Now PETA, before you go crazy on me, this post is all about rocking the fur look while not hurting any animals in the process. That’s right ladies, I found some faux furs that are fashionista approved and sure to give your closet that BOOM BOOM POW that it’s missing. Don’t ask me what BOOM BOOM POW means because I don’t know.

As you know when it comes to a faux fur statement piece you can easily dress them up or down. My piece of advice would be, BE BOLD. If you’re going to rock it, then damn it, rock it. Go big, or bright, or funky with the fur you pick.

Also, you don’t have to center your outfit around the fur. Get dressed and add the fur at the end, I mean it is a coat you know?

Check out the faux furs I found and tell me #whichwouldyouwear!

1. Light Pink Premium Faux Fur

2. Multi-Color Faux Fur

3. Dark Plum Faux Fur Jacket

4. Brown Shaggy Faux Fur

5. Cream Patch Work Shaggy Fur

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