• Brittney

My Little Red Poncho

If you’re wondering what your wardrobe is missing, I’m going to just go out on a limb here and say a little red poncho.

Okay maybe that’s not the ONE thing you’re missing but typically when fall approaches it is easy to get sucked into wearing nothing but earth tone colors but do not fall victim to this.

Add a pop of color to your look with a bright statement piece like this poncho! A poncho brings the style and the warmth, you really can’t go wrong

I’ve had this long sleeve romper for over a year and I have never figured out how to properly rock it. However, the weather is perfect for a fit like this. Obviously, I cannot be showing this much leg in super cold weather, so chilly weather with a mixture of sunshine screamed “long sleeve romper” to me.

If you get too warm, it’s easy to ditch the poncho but how boring would that be? But just in case, I went with a red heel to keep this look popping, poncho or not.

I also think this outfit would be great for a fall movie date. If your legs get cold, have no fear your poncho perfectly doubles as a blanket. I would suggest ditching the heels for a pair of bold flats instead, unless heels are just your thing.

There’s so many ways to wear a poncho, whether it’s with jeans and t-shirt or a romper like mine. So ladies get yourself a little red poncho and show me how you rock it!

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