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Perfect Transition: From Summer to Fall

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, it’s fall! As wonderful as this season is, transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall can be a bit of a struggle. The key to a successful transition is knowing how to add key fall pieces to a few of your past season items.

One of my favorite dresses is perfect for the transition. The forest green color of the dress makes it very fitting for the fall but the spaghetti straps are not ideal for the chilly weather. I transitioned this summer dress by pairing it with a light weight to the ankle coat & a festive scarf.

The greatest part about this fit is the layers. If it’s not that cold where you live, you can remove the scarf and add a dainty necklace instead. If it’s very cold add a trench instead of the light weight coat I went with for my look.

See how easy that can be! So don’t put all your summer pieces away just yet. Just fallify your look!

Photos By: Grayson Smith

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