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The Taste of Chicago

The next stop on my To & Fro series was Chi-Town for the Taste of Chicago. I’ve never been to Chicago before but I had high expectations being that two of my favorite people Jamilla and Keke are both from there! I packed a lot of fun into a few days. Long story short, Chicago did not disappoint.

My main mission was to try as much food as possible in my 4 days there and I succeeded! Outside of everything I sampled at The Taste my parents and I restaurant hopped around the city mainly trying appetizers at each spot. This is a great way to try a lot of food without getting too full or spending too much money in the process.

We spent most of Thursday and some of Friday at The Taste. The streets were filled with vendor after vendor. I tried a few great items that are worth mentioning; I sampled a jar of watermelon soup, grilled barbecue chicken on a stick, grilled corn with a seasoning trio, spicy pad tai noodles, and my dad loved the Italian beef sausage sandwich that he’s still talking about right now as I’m typing. The atmosphere of the event was great and I was pleasantly surprised by how stylish many of the attendees were. The Taste brings the best of Chicago to you in one location and combines food, drinks, and music to create the ultimate experience.

Exploring the city was a huge part of our trip. We mainly walked around and just went where the wind blew us…literally, it’s very apparent why they call this place the windy city. Along our walk we stopped at Dylan’s Candy Shop, Riverwalk, we ate along the water and we discovered one place that I absolutely fell in love with called Eataly.

Eataly was like a piece of heaven….well of Italy right in Chicago. Inside of Eataly there is a grocery store, several restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops, there’s even a Nutella restaurant that I visited twice. My mom and I did a wine tasting one night and both my parents and I had a traditional Italian meal there as well. If there was room in my luggage I would have bought so many things to bring back home with me.

While I was in Chicago I did a #WhichBrittneyMojitoChallenge and the winner with the best mojito I had not only in Chicago but in life goes to The Allis. A restaurant with a chic twang, a mojito that was so sweet but amazingly strong, and bar that President Fitzgerald Grant from Scandal was sitting at while I was there. Shout out to Jason for the amazing mojito!

I ended my time in Chicago with a friend from back home. We partied at the Sound bar and ended my trip on a great note!

I loved Chicago and I will definitely be back again next year. If you’ve never been to Chicago or to The Taste I would suggest adding it to your bucket list.


Chi-Town Britt

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