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hich Brittney? A question you will often times find yourself  being asked when you are friends with, associate with, or following a "Britt". A question I feel everyone in my life has had to answer at some point, "Which Brittney?". What do they say? How do they describe me, how do I describe me? 


When you think about it, this is a loaded question, a question that could yield a simple response, you know, a "Brittney Brittney" or it can get complex, it can go into detail of my triumphs, my mistakes.. my ex's....yikes. I don't how you'd describe me when the question comes up. But here's my site, may is be a source to exactly which Brittney I am. 


July 8, 2017

If I could've guessed everything that would've happened to me over the last few months I probably would've left New York, gone back to my parents house, and sat in my comfort zone where I felt OK. I probably never would have subjected myself to the things that transpir...

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With that being said, I am Brittney, Brittney Brittney, Brittney Winbush. I like to think of myself as a social media guru, marketing maven, actress, digital on-air personality, foodie, traveler, and wine enthusiast. 


I blog about food, fashion, and culture, I am one of the founder and proud member of the Creative Girl Gang and I am also the co-founder of A+B Digital Development. 


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I love to create and between Creative Girl Gang, A+B Digital Development and Which Brittney, I'm never not working. And I would love to create with you all on any of my platforms. 

If you're really ready to work, let my business partner and I take your brand from A to B with A+B Digital Development. I have 7+ years of experience in social medial management and 5 years in marketing and content creation, if you're serious about growing your brand. Let's talk. 


Which Brittney is a content haven, I'm always looking to work with individuals who are doing cool things and creating projects that should be shared for the world. If that's you, let's connect. Mi casa is su casa, or this case my website and blog


Now boss ladies, stand up and sign up for Creative Girl Gang, right now. Creative Girl Gang is hub for all the creative girls looking to gain a sisterhood along with tools for success. We're also all about a good time, and are often throwing events that are not only lit, they're beneficial to your growth. 




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