About me

Which Brittney? A question you will often times find yourself  being asked when you are friends with, associate with, or following a "Britt". A question I feel everyone in my life has had to answer at some point, "Which Brittney?". What do they say? How do they describe me, how do I describe me? 


When you think about it, this is a loaded question, a question that could yield a simple response, you know, a "Brittney Brittney" or it can get complex, it can go into detail of my triumphs, my mistakes.. my ex's....yikes. I don't know how you'd describe me when the question comes up. 


But here's my site, may is be a source to exactly which Brittney I am. With that being said, I am Brittney, Brittney Brittney, Brittney Winbush. I like to think of myself as a social media guru, marketing maven, actress, digital on-air personality, foodie, traveler, and wine enthusiast. 


I blog about food, fashion, and culture, I am one of the founder and proud member of the Creative Girl Gang. So here we are, let's do this thang. Enjoy 

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